Defunk Your Liner

Effective, long-term relief is finally just a click away.


Clinically proven to reduce odor and skin irritation


2 full weeks of non-stop protection


Infused with the bonding power of titanium dioxide for a long lasting clean that lasts up to two weeks.

Discover the product that's changing amputee personal care.

Apocrine® is the first deep-cleaning prosthetic liner coating clinically proven to reduce odor and irritation while enhancing comfort and quality of life for up to two weeks.


End of day 6, wearing for 16 hours a day including 2 gym workouts – still no odor!

– Nancy

Bedfordshire, UK

Got it today. It's amazing!

– Stetson

Toronto, ON

I received a sample to try out on my liner and found it to be a great product. It definitely made cleaning my liner a lot easier, and it dries a lot faster than other cleaners on the market. This is something I would DEFINITELY use again

– Rob

Royal Oak, MI

Only needs 3 minutes to dry and ready to wear again– 2 thumbs up!

– Angelina

Burnum, HL

My leg doesn't feel as grimy at the end of the day. My liner doesn’t smell like it typically does. It's a lot easier than the standard process of washing and scrubbing for 15 minutes.

– Todd

Colorado Springs, CO

The problem I've always had with my silicone liner is that it pulls on my skin. I wear a cotton liner underneath so that doesn't happen. After the application of Apocrine my cotton liner isn't necessary! I think it is great product and one that amputees who use a liner need to consider.

– Anita

Byron Bay, AU

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