About Us

We are a dedicated team of multidisciplinary professionals. passionate about bringing innovative healthcare solutions to the amputee population. We created The Liner Wand with Apocrine technology to address the problems that can arise between the skin-liner interface.  

The hallmark symptom of all these issues is skin irritation often accompanied by a very strong, offensive odor caused by bacterial byproducts. In fact, the skin irritation and odor can be so strong many amputees alter their lifestyles to compensate for this problem. They become reluctant to engage in social or work interactions and sometimes can not wear their prosthetic for days or weeks. This behavior can have profound personal, economic, and social implications. The Liner Wand Liner car kit is designed to provide an easy-to-use, safe, effective, and long-lasting solution to this challenge. Our flagship product, The Liner Wand w/Apocrine™ is designed to last two weeks. It is a patented and proprietary liquid supplied in an easy to use applicator that the amputee can use at home. We believe that The Liner Wand is going to drive profound improvements in the lives of lower leg amputees.


Become the standard in liner hygiene management, and support the goals of equitable access to innovative health care.

Meet The Team

Elizabeth A. Stone, MBA


Dr. John D. Jarrell, Ph.D


Dr. Christopher Born, M.D


Tom Hutchinson MS, RAC, FRAPS

VP Quality/Regulatory

Bill Cesare, Ph.D., CPE

Chief Growth Officer

Chris Daft, MS, MBA

VP Operations

Nick Cesare, MBA

Head of Digital Marketing

Ali Cesare

Social Community Manager

Dr. Dioscaris Garcia, Ph.D

Scientific Advisor